Meet DAAP Girls, a Cincinnati Soul/Rock 7-piece formed after five members realized they were dating the same woman. With a name stemming from their hometown's internationally recognized school of design, DAAP Girls have already captivated their local scene with their 2013 debut release Tape Songs, in addition to playing anywhere from rooftops to casinos, supporting festival headliners and even Weezer.

All sights are set forward for 2015, including their sophomore release and expansive touring. With a collection of local awards and praise for top-notch videos for several singles already under their belt, keep your eyes peeled and your girlfriends locked away as these dapper gents make their way into your stereo and beyond.

"DAAP Girls play a groovy, dance-friendly brand of Indie Rock that manages to sound both contemporary and vintage." -- Brian Baker, CityBeat


Seth Arnott (US/CA)